The Journey Begins

             Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Isaac Walton
A click at a time- Amde
It has been quite a while that I didn't blog. I had dozens of blogs earlier now I lost count. 

But this is a new topic all together, photography. From my younger days I had always been fascinated by photography. The first diploma course I took was Communication and English language in Scotland that was in the anticipation if I landed as journalist one day. Journalists that I knew those days must have knowledge about photography and that is what known today as photojournalist. I did intern a few weeks at Daily Mirror, a newspaper tabloid in London in the late 70s that was all I experience life ‘dined’ with newspapers. By the time I settled at home never become a full fledge journalist not as a career, partly because work was easily available in those days and competition for employment wasn’t as stiff as today any one with University degree choice of employment was readily available..

My enthusiasm in writing continues nonetheless-and became author while doing other things else, re enforced by the development of technology that changed media -communication platforms I then become specialist in this subject as university lecturer only slowing down recently...

Let come back to this blog, I’d hope to post my involvement with photography with experience and trainings in the media both photography and videographer. I would therefore love to talk and share with those interested.

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